Conciliation: Is it Right for You?

What is the difference between Conciliation and Mediation?

Like a Mediator, a Conciliator is a neutral party who works with the parties to reach agreement on the relevant issues. A conciliator is more active in the process than a mediator, suggesting possible outcomes and helping the parties to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their respective positions in order to guide them to settlement.

Why should I work with a Conciliator?

A reputable, qualified conciliator can settle a divorce or post-divorce modification without the expense and stress of a trial.

If I reach a settlement through conciliation, is the settlement binding?

No, the settlement is not binding until the written agreement is submitted to the Probate and Family Court judge, who will review it and enter it as a binding judgment.

Can I retain my own lawyer to review the agreement before it is sent to the court?

Yes, both parties may retain their own counsel at any point during the conciliation process.  In addition the parties may have counsel present during a conciliation

Is  Conciliation  right for me? What are the alternatives?

Call  Patricia S. Fernandez & Associates. Our legal team is dedicated to helping you choose the strategy that is right for you.

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