Limited Assistance Representation

Limited Assistance Representation

In today’s economic climate, many litigants find themselves unable to afford the cost of full service representation in a family law proceeding.  As a result, the Probate and Family Court has been flooded with litigants representing themselves.  In order to assist those litigants who can afford to pay for some legal assistance or for those who seek legal assistance for particular phases and/or tasks of their case, Massachusetts permits limited assistance representation.
Limited assistance representation is when an attorney represents a litigant with part, but not all, of his or her legal matter.
Limited assistance representation allows self-represented litigants:

  • To have the assistance of an attorney in preparing legal documents;
  • Coaching outside of the court on what the law is and what the rules of procedure are if the litigant intends on representing themselves; and
  • Obtaining legal representation to appear on the litigant’s behalf for a particular court appearance without filing a general appearance for the whole case.

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