Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer Develops Divorce App For iPhone

The Massachusetts divorce lawyers, Infinity Law Group, recently developed an iPhone and iPad app for Massachusetts divorce lawyers, mediators, judges and those representing themselves in court.  This is a useful resource to calculate how long you have to pay alimony, how much alimony you have to pay, and other possible alimony types like general alimony, rehabilitative alimony, reimbursement alimony, and transitional alimony. The numbers generated by the app are in full compliance with the Alimony Reform Act of March 2012.

Launched on September 5, 2012, the app provides 3 main functions:

  • Alimony Calculator: determine how much and how long alimony must be paid.
  • Child Support Calculator: calculate child support based on the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines.
  • Date Calculator: determine the duration between two dates or to calculate the time for the court to issue divorce judgments.


Called MA Divorce, this app costs .99 cents at the Apple App Store.  It simplifies the  alimony, and child support formula by giving the user a few boxes to fill out before it does the calculations.

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