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Frequently Asked Questions about Mediation

1. What happens during a Mediation? Divorcing parties work with an impartial third party or Mediator to reach an agreement on the relevant issues regarding their divorce. 2. Are we good candidates for a Mediation? If you and your spouse … Continue reading

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What Is Mediation And How Does It Work?

Mediation Mediation is a process in which two parties in dispute turn to a mutually acceptable third-party to help them find a solution — and about 70 percent of mediation interventions end with a positive result. It is a practice … Continue reading

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How The Divorce Process Works

The Divorce Process Many people find the divorce process overwhelming and down-right stressful.  Navigating the legal system, wondering who to hire as an attorney, and what will happen to the children are common issues in the beginning.  The stress of … Continue reading

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