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Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer Develops Divorce App For iPhone

The Massachusetts divorce lawyers, Infinity Law Group, recently developed an iPhone and iPad app for Massachusetts divorce lawyers, mediators, judges and those representing themselves in court.  This is a useful resource to calculate how long you have to pay alimony, … Continue reading

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Divorce: Financial Issues to Consider in Preparing

I discovered this great divorce article and wanted to share it with my readers. For anyone thinking about divorce, this article is called “10 Steps to Avoid Losing Your Shirt in a Divorce” and it highlights some insightful points.  Before … Continue reading

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New Alimony Laws In MA

As of March 1st, 2012 a new alimony law has been gone into effect in Massachusetts which dramatically changes the way alimony entitlements/obligations will be viewed.  The law provides for termination of alimony when the payor reaches Thanks for installing the Bottom of … Continue reading

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