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Determining Alimony in New Hampshire

Divorcing couples in New Hampshire often ask whether the issue of alimony should be addressed in their divorce.  Put simply, alimony is financial support paid by one spouse to the other for living expenses and reasonable necessities after a divorce. … Continue reading

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mediation

1. What happens during a Mediation? Divorcing parties work with an impartial third party or Mediator to reach an agreement on the relevant issues regarding their divorce. 2. Are we good candidates for a Mediation? If you and your spouse … Continue reading

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Divorce: Who’s responsible for the Mortgage?

Divorce And Mortgages Most homeowners have mortgages. Having a mortgage is a large responsibility. Add to that the complexities of a divorce and it can become more than overwhelming, complicated, and an unsettling situation. Often the question of who is … Continue reading

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